Undisclosed is better

In a world full of eavesdroppers, where a joke can bring you to court, you have the right to systematically protect  both communication and data of your organization.


Today most services are sold as "secure", with data is locked through electronic keys. But are they really secure? Did you personally generate your own key, or somebody (or a system) did it for you? Do you know, right now, where is your key stored? Can you physically see the key and manage it, like any other document? Can you make a copy and hide it in some place that only you knows? Can you destroy it in a snap so that every sensitive data will become absolutely unreadable? Up to which point do you trust your provider? Do you trust it even when physically or legally compelled? Are you 100% sure that its software is free of bugs that can restore the key? Can you easily integrate the application to securely communicate with your network of suppliers, dealers, clients...


We created Crypthru to answer all those questions (and some more), as an open source application. This is CBS contribution to freedom of communication.


Military level


Based and compatible with PGP standard to guarantee maximum security. Keys are plain files in your hands that you can manage an, if needed,  destroy in a snap.

Built for groups


Designed for organizations, can be adapted and  integrated into any workflow to ensure systematic adoption.



As an open source solution, you can inspect 100% of its code to ensure there is absolutely no back doors or tampering.

Easy to use


Communication can be simplified. Dropping files in smart folders, for example, is enough to  encrypt and transmit the file to its destination.

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